We’re building resilient networks – block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.

  Portland Assembly works toward social transformation through the creation of neighborhood programs, education, coalition building and direct action. We focus on engaging the deep and ongoing historical traumas of patriarchy, colonization, capitalism, and all systems of domination and hierarchy by growing networks of mutual aid and systems of dual power that support the wellbeing of everyone and provide access and voice to those who are at the least supported intersections of our society. Together we have the potential and resources to meet the challenges in our lives, to grow as a strong, authentic community, and to thrive as individuals. We can create the solutions we all need.  

    The core of Portland Assembly’s vision is the formation of Neighborhood Action Councils (NACs): autonomous, directly democratic groups that meet regularly to work through problems together and directly address issues that are specific to their area. The NAC is a place to connect, share ideas, develop shared analysis through study and discussion, and to plan and take action. NACs bring project ideas to monthly Spokescouncil meetings to request resources, offer resources, or expand the project to other neighborhood action councils. Neighborhood Organizing offers us a practical, and accessible people-powered solution.

 Starting in our NACs, we build relationships of solidarity with groups and individuals within our communities to provide neighborhood-driven and targeted programs like resource shares, community defense trainings, emergency warming shelters and educational events. We’ve developed toolkits, trainings and process-management systems that are scalable and able to be applied throughout the network. 

    We are building better communities; be it through mutual aid, childcare, self-defense, harm reduction, education, or addressing day-to-day neighborhood safety against harassment, deportations, and police violence. NACs all around the city are already hard at work organizing their communities; the possibilities only multiply as we get more organized together.


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