• We believe in embracing and encouraging an active citizenry through the development of direct democracy. We live in an age of democratic crisis. We have witnessed the lowest voter turnouts in history in recent election cycles. This is understandable if we consider the development of massive voter disenfranchisement mechanism such has occurred after the repeal of the Voting Rights Act and with the implementation of Voter ID laws all over the south, the gerrymandering of voting districts which has enshrined the hegemony of a two party system and the increasing corporate influence over democratic process on city, state and federal levels as manifested in the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling. As such the average citizen is all but completely shut out from all the means of influencing the decisions made on not only a national level but a local one as well. To counteract this we believe in developing an active citizenry. Defined not by legal statuses but by the level of involvement and care for one’s communities well being. We believe that through collective action and the development of directly democratic structures we can re-capture our power in society and break the cycles of alienation, depression, uncertainty and anxiety that come from living lives dispossessed from the power and voice that resides in all of us.To take back Rip City.
  • We take issue with the city of Portland having city councilmen elected through city wide elections as opposed to being elected on a more representative municipal scale as is the case in almost all major cities. As such we advocate for the implementation of a new directly democratic model or the replacement of the current city council structure as it is currently conceived in favor of  a model that has city councilmen act as directly recallable delegates to each neighborhood association recognized by the city of Portland.
  • We support worker owned and controlled business, co-operatives,farms and tenant owned housing and unionization efforts. We wish to see a city wide economic development model that does not just privilege the wealthy;instead, one that works for financial independence of Portland’s communities free from corporate and capitalistic control by incentivizing and organizing towards these alternative forms of local business and housing.
  • We want to see an ethical and ecologically sustainable development model. City plans should be generated from communities and neighborhoods themselves and be centered around a directly democratic process that includes the houseless community and works to halt harmful displacement; therefore, we support the community control of institutions such as the Portland Development Commission and city Urban Renewal Zone process or their abolition tending towards an alternative directly democratic models.
  • We prioritize protecting the land from harmful and destructive industrial projects.
  • We believe in standing in solidarity with marginalized communities such as the LGBTQQA, femmes, POC and disabled who face bigotry and violence on a daily basis.
  • We prioritize defending our immigrant community from state and street violence  and harassment. We want to keep Portland a sanctuary city where all are welcome regardless of official “immigration statuses”.
  • We stand for the radical reform and transformation of the police and prisons as institutions or their abolition. As these institutions have proven to be completely unaccountable to the general citizenry. The city’s inability to even fire Ronald Frashour who was responsible for the murder of unarmed citizen Aaron Campbell, after the police union waged a legal battle with the cities costing millions of dollars, and the police union driven effort to have the PPB refuse to participate in the Citizens Review Board in recent months demonstrate this institutions complete lack of any form of citizen control or accountability of its officers and the city government’s inability to enforce such accountability. There exists many well research alternatives to addressing harmful behaviors in our communities, we believe these alternatives that address cycles of traumatization, harm reduction and focus on restorative justice should be prioritized, funded and supported over these older dysfunctional models that squander city resources while not addressing the fundamental causes of harmful behavior and trauma in our communities. Instead these current models only reproduce these social ills by furthering cycles of violence and brutality with a policing model that primarily serves the interests of those with wealth and power.
  • We believe community self defense is the best approach to navigate threats to our communities. Individuals who live in neighborhoods and are directly accountable to those around them should be the ones who keep themselves and their communities safe out of a desire to simply do just that, not individuals who live out of town and get paid large salaries from the government;therefore, serving interests who are not directly accountable to the citizenry they claim to serve.
  • We believe in supporting a diversity of tactics. We believe all forms of activism and direct action are important and essential in keeping Portland powerful.
  • We recognize the city of Portland as settler colonial entity. We strive to outreach to sovereign indigenous communities and to struggle as accomplices with indigenous peoples in the Multnomah valley, to have them included in this process if they so wish or to work alongside them.
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