Stansted Airport closed after protesters surround ‘deportation plane’ on runway

We must act on the notion that no government has authority over displacing people and their families. Stansted Airport’s runway has been closed as police deal with an incident involving protesters who have surrounded a plane parked on the tarmac. Activists said they were attempting to keep a “deportation flight” used to remove failed asylum seekers grounded at the Essex airport. A spokesman for the… Full Post from our Facebook Page

Portland Brown Berets

******URGENT******* Call to Action! Anselmo Jimenez, was detained by ICE this morning and needs your help. Anselmo was detained at the court house after paying his child support. He has no criminal record, attended school at Reynolds high school, is a loving father and works to take care of his child. Call ICE now to demand Anselmo’s release at (503) 326-3302 or 503-326-4165 and say, “I’m calling on behalf of Anselmo Jimenez Nino, a 22-year-old community member. Anselmo is an important part of our community, please release him today. Thank you Full Post from our Facebook Page

Black & Brown Workers Collective

“Since the civil rights movement, white people have exploited every opportunity to conceal their colonialist legacy and longstanding (ab)use of white supremacist power. They’ve proven time and again that they have no interest in rectifying that history, only in dealing with the fact that they could no longer deny the reality of those injustices. One effective tactic has been to separate white supremacy and colonialism from the way racism is understood and taught through schools, history textbooks, news media, and through any white-controlled institutions. These lessons, of anti-racism as-told-by-white-people, will be familiar to you: that racism is only explicit racial prejudice; that separatism is the essence of Jim Crow (and therefore inclusion is the antithesis to de jure segregation); and that the remedy for a racist society is a colorblind one. All of these assumptions are grounded in liberalism: the egalitarian principle which works to ignore and erase difference rather than to undo oppression. It strives for a post-feminist, post-queer, post-racial or racially colorblind world. Liberalism as an ideology deems equal rights and equal treatment as a higher priority than material justice, or as an effective means towards it. Its presumptions of equality are false, as individualist equality may be written into law and policy while material inequality thrives. It effectively abstracts and obscures power dynamics along lines of race, class, and gender. The difference between material justice and liberalism is the difference between actually making reparations for a long history of racism and countries like Austria, Finland, Hungary, France, and now Sweden removing all mentions of “race” from their legislation.” Full Post from our Facebook Page

Direct Action Alliance

Further evidence that Chief Marshman is not concerned about holding officers accountable for excessive force. So ex-chief Marshman, who has admitted to beating his stepson, is suspended for having his lieutenant sign him in to trainings on how to identify and stop police brutality. Disgusting. This is the man that Ted Wheeler trusted to keep the city safe. Just disgusting. “The recent training was for command staff about the use of the bureau’s Employee Information System, a computer-based system intended to identify at-risk employees who have a high number of complaints, or a pattern of excessive use of force.” Full Post from our Facebook Page

Decolonizing together – Briarpatch Magazine

“In opposing the colonialism of the state and settler society, non-natives must recognize our own role in perpetuating colonialism within our solidarity efforts. We can actively counter this by theorizing about and discussing the nuanced issues of solidarity, leadership, strategy and analysis – not in abstraction, but within our real and informed and sustained relationships with Indigenous peoples.” Moving beyond a politics of solidarity toward a practice of decolonization – Given the devastating cultural, spiritual, economic, linguistic and political impacts of colonialism on Indigenous people in Canada, any serious attempt by non-natives at allying with Indigenous struggles must entail solida… Full Post from our Facebook Page