It seems much easier for non-Japanese guys to find a Japanese date than for non-Japanese girls. Brides in this country are more likely to want to date foreigners. If you stand up and look around in Japan, you can see with your own eyes that this is the case. According to various surveys, more and more Japanese women prefer to have relationships with foreigners every year, which is a huge blow to Japanese society’s self-esteem.

Why Do Japanese Mail Order Brides Crave Foreign Grooms?

The Japanese are very closed-off people, many Japanese often do not even want to recognize children born in mixed marriages as Japanese. Amid all this intolerance and exaltation of the Japanese nation, every year, the birth rate in Japan is falling, the population is aging, and Japanese brides prefer to date foreigners. There are several reasons why Japanese brides choose foreigners over their local counterparts.

Local Guys Do Not Want to Marry a Japanese Woman

We’ve encountered a myth that local guys are mostly reclusive and panic-stricken about relationships. That’s actually not true, although it doesn’t change the point. Many of them prefer one-time relationships. They don’t get into long-term relationships because of lack of time, large expenses, etc. They simply do not want to burden themselves, taking a pragmatic approach.


A fairly large percentage of local brides consider foreigners to be much more attractive. They especially highlight the fact that foreigners, unlike Japanese, pay more attention to their own figure, while many Japanese guys do not see the need to go to the gym. It should be understood that this is a subjective opinion, which may be a simple fondness for “exoticism”, which can fade away rather quickly.

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The Japanese nation is rather stingy about feelings. The Japanese prefer to keep their emotions to themselves, allowing them to go all out on rare occasions in the company of friends. Many single Japanese women think that foreigners are much more romantic than the Japanese guys, and their attitude and romantic attitude really stand out among the other guys.

Respectful Attitude

Asian society is ruled by men. Often the opinion of men is much higher than that of women. Some Japanese prefer to ignore the opinion of their other halves altogether. Some local sociologists say that Japanese men are divided into two types. The first, afraid of relationships, the second, dominating them, oppressing their partner in every possible way. This is certainly an exaggeration, but there is some truth in these statements.

Characteristics of Typical Beautiful Japanese Women for Marriage

Before you meet an Asian woman, it’s important to learn a little bit about her culture. That way, you can get a better idea of where to start your conversation on the first date. Japanese brides are sweet and mysterious. Is it really easy for foreign guys to understand their deep nature? We’ll tell you about some interesting features of local brides that will help you avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Girls Wear Masks when There is no Makeup

In Japan, brides were wearing medical masks even before it became mainstream. This is partly due to smog in big cities, but there is another reason. Japanese ladies wore medical masks when they didn’t have time to put on makeup or didn’t see it to be necessary. In Japan, brides wear makeup almost always and very carefully. Makeup often looks natural, but it is always there.

Japanese Mail Order Brides Hide from the Sun

In Japan, appearance is very important, and this is especially evident among young people. Of course, local brides are also very concerned about how they look. They even shave their arms, look after their hair and take great care of their skin. Every hot bride from Japan has a large number of creams for personal purposes. This is because pale skin is in fashion in Japan. Moreover, in summer, when the sun scorches all day, brides prefer to walk around under an umbrella or in a wide-brimmed hat.

These Girls Do Not Talk to Their Boyfriends Daily

Whereas in Europe girls and their boyfriends talk on the phone every day and go out on any free evening, in Japan an unmarried couple communicates much less frequently. It is customary to meet on weekends, as the rest of the time is busy with work or school. Girls are much less likely to write to their boyfriends on social networks and do not consider it necessary to discuss with them everything that happened during the day.

By the way, the situation does not change much even after marriage. These women often sleep separately from their husbands, on a different bed, or even in the next room. Sometimes they do so because the spouses have different work schedules: the wife comes home when the husband is already asleep or vice versa. Both husband and wife give each other more space and so they can both get a good rest.

Meeting Japanese Brides

Many Japanese girls looking for marriage have a very positive (even somewhat enthusiastic) attitude toward dating and marrying a person of another nationality. Many of them dream of meeting a tall, blue-eyed guy. Foreigners, on the other hand, dream of a relationship with a petite and fragile girl, full of loyalty and sensuality? So let’s figure out how to get acquainted with a local woman.

Even if you have decided to meet a Japanese woman online, you should not ignore the basic rules of etiquette. Most Asian women are quite busy with household chores, so they very rarely hear compliments or receive gifts from the opposite sex. Keep that in mind when you’re having a conversation with a beautiful woman on a social networking site. Be polite, courteous, and show attentive care to the girl.

Prove Japanese Girls to Marry that you are Gallant

Even if you decide on dating a Japanese woman through the Internet, you should not neglect the basic rules of etiquette. Most Asian women are quite busy with household chores, so they very rarely have to hear compliments or receive gifts from the opposite sex. So keep that in mind when you’re corresponding with a beautiful woman on a social networking site. Be polite, courteous, and also show care and attention to the girl.

If you have decided to find Japanese brides in Tokyo, you should still keep those rules in mind. At the first meeting, give the girl a beautiful bouquet and compliment her appearance. Show all sorts of courtship on the date: book the table in the restaurant, open the door in front of the beauty, give her your coat, and so on. It’s extremely rare for Asian women to see such things from men, so make use of it.

Entertain Your Japanese Mail Order Bride

Unfortunately, Japanese wives love it when men spend money on them. If money is not an issue for you, use it to your advantage to win her heart. Take her to an expensive restaurant or amusement park, go shopping with her to buy brand-name clothing. In short, satisfy all the whims of a girl so she can realize that you are worthy to be her husband.

However, do not think that Japanese brides are ready to go to bed with anyone who has money. If a rich suitor can’t keep an interesting conversation with a beautiful girl, then nothing good will come out of the date. Try to entertain the girl in every way possible.

Beautiful Japanese Women Enjoy Bars

If you happen to meet Japanese women online, you should not delay in meeting her in real life. Asian girls like determined guys who are the first to ask them out. And we are here to recommend you one of the best places for a date. There is a chemistry between a local woman and a bar.

Yes, Asian women are very fond of drinking. You should be prepared for this turn of events if you decide to meet a Japanese girl. Before getting married, they prefer to fully enjoy their freedom. If you have to drink even in the company of a gallant gentleman, then the date can be considered automatically successful. You can safely pique the interest of a Japanese woman by walking into a bar. She’s extremely likely to come along.

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Don’t Kiss Japanese Women in Public

Most girls from Asia are extremely negative about showing feelings in public. They are unlikely to allow themselves to kiss in a public place. It especially concerns the situations when a beautiful girl meets a foreigner (don’t reveal this information to everyone you meet because pretty girls from Japan can face various accusations). If you decide to start a relationship with a Japanese woman, then be prepared for it.

It is also not customary to hug upon meeting or to come straight to her home or apartment. It may seem like something out of the ordinary, but you should accept it. Do not try to put pressure on the girl to walk her all the way home. She will simply take her beau to a completely different building, at best.

Refrain from Long Walks

All Japanese mail order wives prefer to value their time. This even includes short distances they travel by subway, bus, or cab. Don’t even think about walking a few kilometers with a pretty girl to a certain place during a date. A girl is unlikely to like a suitor who does not value time. Although a girl can make an exception for a foreigner, you’d be better off without the idea altogether.

Beware of Becoming a “Cute Puppy”

In some cases, a Japanese bride may communicate with a member of another nationality just to brag about him to friends or acquaintances. This most often happens with guys whom a Japanese bride does not consider as a potential candidate for a future husband because of a lack of money or insufficient confidence in his abilities. However, she will communicate with him, seeing in a representative of the stronger sex a “cute puppy.

Try to recognize such behavior as early as possible so as not to waste time on unpromising relationships. The best way to recognize a girl’s seriousness is to ask her directly when she wants to introduce you to her parents. For 99% of Asian beauties, this gesture means that she considers the young man as a future spouse. If you are just a friend, she will never make such a gesture.

Winning the Respect of Her Parents

If you did manage to get acquainted with a parent of your partner, then be prepared to be asked about the seriousness of your intentions. When it comes to the wedding, you may be asked about the financial situation. Be also aware that most parents will be against marrying off their 22-year-old daughter. However, they may make an exception for a foreigner, as they prefer to adjust not only to their traditions but also to the customs of another nationality. If it’s common to marry at a young age in your country, then they might revise their decision.

Conclusion About Japanese Girls to Marry

We hope you now have a better understanding of where you can meet a future Japanese wife and what is the best way to do so. Of course, the effectiveness of building a relationship largely depends on the characters of two people, but if you follow all the above recommendations, the chances to win the heart of a Japanese woman will increase tenfold. Just do not forget that representatives of different nationalities may have different views on certain things. Respect the opinion of your lifetime partner, and try to show as many of your positive sides as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions to Ask Before You Marry a Japanese Woman

How Much Do Japanese Mail Order Brides Cost?

Finding a Japanese mail order wife is an experience that would fully cost you from $5,000 to $18,000. You have to keep in mind that this implies the services of a dating site, the gifts you are going to send to the bride, and the final process of meeting in Japan.

What Do Japanese Brides Want for Gifts?

It is usual for a groom to give earrings or a necklace to their bride. We recommend buying a matching necklace as it shows commitment to each other and empowers you as a couple.

Is Marrying Japanese Brides Legal?

Yes, there is nothing illegal about a foreigner marrying a Japanese girl. However, you need to take care of a few things before you get married. You should check what kind of visa you need because there are visas specifically for foreign husbands.