Decolonizing together – Briarpatch Magazine

“In opposing the colonialism of the state and settler society, non-natives must recognize our own role in perpetuating colonialism within our solidarity efforts. We can actively counter this by theorizing about and discussing the nuanced issues of solidarity, leadership, strategy and analysis – not in abstraction, but within our real and informed and sustained relationships with Indigenous peoples.” Moving beyond a politics of solidarity toward a practice of decolonization – Given the devastating cultural, spiritual, economic, linguistic and political impacts of colonialism on Indigenous people in Canada, any serious attempt by non-natives at allying with Indigenous struggles must entail solida… Full Post from our Facebook Page

Portland mayor appoints new police chief in wake of ‘turmoil and confusion’ over shooting scandal

Almost every single Police Chief since 2010 has been fired or forced out of office due to circumstances directly related to police shooting scandals. These situations are often followed by grand overtures for reform by the Mayor. Yet nothing changes. The only solution is #NoMoreMayors. Lets run rip city! ..”Hours after he was sworn in, Reese was called out to a shootout between police and a motorist during in a traffic stop in Northeast Portland. Police fatally shot Keaton Otis, a man suffering from mental illness, after Otis wounded officer Christopher Burley. What followed in Reese’s first year as chief was a spate of officer-involved shootings involving people with mental illness, which led the U.S. Department of Justice to announce an investigation into Portland’s police use of force.” Which he was ultimately forced into retirement over. Portland Police Chief Mike Reese to retire in January; Assistant Chief Larry O’Dea to be next chief Portland Police Chief Mike Reese Chief Mike Reese to retire, effective January. He’ll speak at a news conference at noon. Chief Mike Reese said extra officers are being assigned to the Portland Police Gang Enforcement Team because “I can’t imagine anything more important than having a safe summer.” “Portland Mayor Sam Adams fired the city’s police chief Wednesday, a day after the city agreed to pay $1.6 million to settle a lawsuit over the death of a mentally ill man in police custody” The mayor named Capt. Mike Marshman as the new chief, but praised outgoing Chief Larry O’Dea. “I’m sad to lose his service, and we should all be sad to lose his service,” he said. Full Post from our Facebook Page

Parents demand David Douglas board member resign

“I think that when you stand up against bigotry and racism, sure you might make people feel uncomfortable, but that’s necessary,” Franklin said. “It’s very necessary to teach our children to stand up for what’s right.” A David Douglas School District board member is under fire for comments he made about sanctuary cities when the school board voted on an inclusion resolution to safeguard students. Full Post from our Facebook Page

Cherry Blossom Center – Meals on Wheels People

Meals on Wheels cuts aren’t surprising. Sign-up to volunteer Now! Perfect for NACs Cherry Blossom Center is located in the East Portland Community Center just off of Stark Street in Southeast Portland, at 740 SE 106th Avenue. Lunch, with a choice of entrée, is served Monday through Friday. Asian meals made from scratch are also available. Full Post from our Facebook Page