First Spokescouncil

Responding to the constant and growing dangers of a Trump regime, Neighborhood Organizing offers us a practical, people-powered solution. This will be the first-ever assembly to develop the Spokescouncil, the primary decision-making body of the Portland Assembly.

It is our hope that the discussions and collaborative efforts forged in this space create the foundation and act as a model for a new way to #RunRipCity and to Keep Portland Powerful in the face of Trump.

Those who participated in the last week’s Portland Assembly – Neighborhood Networks and Frontline Groups will be able to attend this follow-up event. Individuals will meet with their fellow Neighborhood Action Councils, Neighborhood Assemblies as well as the Frontline Community Council in order to practice directly democratic decision making in real time.

The first half of the event hosts the “Intergroup Roundtable”. This invite-only roundtable meeting is for community organizations to discuss collaborative efforts, barriers to working together and proposals for how to build up our community power in Portland and resist Trump. The “Intergroup Roundtable” is a distinct spokescouncil dedicated to making space for community organizations in order to encourage a stronger level of horizontal collaboration. All invited, participating groups may also bring proposals to the second portion of the event to be discussed but may not themselves vote.

The second half will be the first meeting of Neighborhood Spokescouncil, comprised of the the Neighborhood Action Councils, Neighborhood Assemblies and the Frontline Community Council formed at the first event. This will be a space for these various groups to discuss their progress over the last week, bring their proposals for city-wide collaborative efforts and make tangible steps towards realizing those plans.


Available in various printable formats and ePub

Let’s Run Rip City:

A Guide to Keep Portland Strong in the Face of Trumpism


Lets Run Rip City is a new urban vision for the city of Portland. It is a vision based on direct democracy and all the essential values that make Portland the place that it is today, In order to beat back Trumpism we must organize with bolder visions for a future society then ever before and develop a united front against the extreme right!

Please print at home if you have the means!

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