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In response to the constant dangers of a Trump regime, Neighborhood Organizing offers us a practical, people-powered solution. Join this city-wide gathering and help us bridge the gap from what is to what could be. Using direct action, solidarity, and mutual aid, Portland Assembly aims to provide a infrastructure that engenders ongoing community organizing. Let’s Run Rip City.

What would it look like to build power together?

The Portland Assembly encourages community members to form Neighborhood Action Councils and assemblies. A neighborhood action council is simple to get started with friends, community members or neighbors and needs as little as 3-5 people. Individuals can define their scale of organizing for themselves within this model. Scroll down for links to literature on how to get started.

What is the Frontline Group?

To better guide our collective liberation, Portland Assembly will have a council comprised of members of frontline communities –– specifically Indigenous, black, non-black people of color, LGBTQAI2S, people with disabilities, religious minorities, and members of the houseless community. This council will have its own seat at the Neighborhood Confederation Spokescouncil.

During the first hour of tabling, those interested in joining the Frontline Group will privately assemble to discuss strategic needs and aims.

From there we will divide into breakout groups based on the 5 neighborhood sections of Portland (Downtown, North, NE, SE and Eastside). Community members will have an opportunity to discuss the biggest problems faced by their communities at large and have an opportunity to develop tangible action steps to address them.

The second half of the event will allow community members to gather into work groups based on mutual assets and skills wherein individuals can begin implementing the important projects discussed by their neighborhood breakout groups.

Scheduled for the 2nd Assembly are the following:

• Tabling Fair & simultaneously the Frontline Group Meeting
• Neighborhood Action Committees
• Asset-focused Break-out Groups

Join us for the second Portland Assembly.


Available in various printable formats and ePub

Let’s Run Rip City:

A Guide to Keep Portland Strong in the Face of Trumpism


Lets Run Rip City is a new urban vision for the city of Portland. It is a vision based on direct democracy and all the essential values that make Portland the place that it is today, In order to beat back Trumpism we must organize with bolder visions for a future society then ever before and develop a united front against the extreme right!

Please print at home if you have the means!

Detailed Schedule and Information

Detailed Schedule:

1:00-2:00pm: Frontline council meeting
1:30pm: Doors open, socialize
2:00-2:20pm: Introduction and framing day’s agenda
2:20-2:30pm: Reportback from frontline council
2:30-2:40pm: Transition
2:40-3:40pm: Neighborhood breakout groups
3:40-3:50pm: Transition
3:50-4:35pm: Asset-based groups
4:35-4:50pm: Reconvene with neighborhood group for next steps
4:50-5PM: House keeping, wrap-up

Asset Based Break Out Groups

Come plug in your skills to the assembly:

• Art and Music
This break is intended for individuals with artistic skills and connections interested in applying those skills to movement-building. Individuals may be interested in hosting music shows, forming groups to flyer at concerts, banner-making, puppet-making/props fashion/aesthetics.

• Design
Individuals who are well-versed in any type of design including, but not limited to, graphic design, urban design, architectural design, technical design, and landscape/permacultural design.

• Technology
This is the group for sysadmins, front-end developers, infosec experts, etc, to focus on applying their skills toward community empowerment.

• Media
Individuals who are experts in content creation for the purpose of sharing our ideas, methods, and messages. This may include people skilled at film-making/video production, social media, and podcasts or community radio.

• Resources
This group is for individuals skilled or interested in building networks and programs for material support and mutual aid. Project ideas might include food distribution, resource shares, childcare programs, and alternative means of establishing health care.

• Community Self Defense
This is for individuals interested and skilled in community security, defense, and trainings of this nature.

• Actions/Neighborhood Outreach
This group is for individuals who are skilled or interested in planning direct actions, protests, and flyering campaigns. (This is an above ground organizing space. As such, no illegal actions will be discussed in the interest of security culture. For more information on security culture visit under the resources tab)

• Fundraising
For those who are interested or skilled in fundraising through canvassing, crowdfunding, organizing bakes sales and other events.

• Legal/Anti-Repression
Individuals with legal skills, folks who do movement defense and jail support versed in security culture.

• Policy
Individuals interested in developing legislative programs with a focus on building local community power.


The follow-up Spokescouncil meeting can be found here: Portland Assembly – First Spokescouncil

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