Join Us! We’re Organizing Online

Portland Assembly is using an Online Organizing Hub to communicate and collaborate better. The Hub is a free, secure and open source private social network with plenty of tools to help us get things done easier and faster.

We’ve already invited you and everyone in your NAC! Simply follow the instructions in the invitation email to register.
If you haven’t received an invitation yet just message us here and well send you one.

Once logged in, you’ll find the Hub is similar to Facebook. Tutorials are available in the pinned post if you get lost.


When you are ready, go to Directory, and then Spaces.

Here you can request to join Spaces and begin connecting and organizing within your NAC or Subcommittee.
Feel free to post upcoming events, organizing ideas or discussion in the online hub.


The Online Organizing Hub Offers:

  • Spaces – Announcements, Posts, and Discussion (Similar to Facebook Groups)
  • Collaborative Documents (Google Docs Alternative)
  • File Sharing and Storage
  • Meetings (Save your minutes and Assigned Tasks)
  • Task/Project Management
  • Shared Calendars
  • Polls
  • Wiki
  • Link Sharing
  • And More!
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