Colombia is the 4th biggest country in South America with a population of 52 million. Over half of these people are Colombian women.

Colombian brides for marriage are probably the most coveted Latinas. Many men all around the world dream of meeting them, dating them, and marrying them. But what do men have to know to do this successfully? Read on to learn more about these amazing Colombian brides from Latin America.

Interview: Learn More About Colombian Brides

Interviewer: — Why do you want a foreign wife?

Interviewee: — For me personally, getting a foreign wife isn’t the goal in and of itself. I’d just like to find a woman who’ll love me and take care of me as much as I do. The one for whom our family and children will be the topmost priority. I feel like it’s not the highest value for women in my country anymore.

Interviewer: — What is it like to marry a mail order bride?

Interviewee: — Marrying beautiful Colombian women for marriaage is not without its complications but I think it’s worth it. Marriage application and so-called fiance visa might take some time and some paperwork. But once it’s done, it’s just like any other regular marriage. Just make sure you are perfect for each other during the dating stage.

Interviewer: — How do you choose the right Colombian wife?

Interviewee: — For many Western men, bars and nightclubs are the first options when they try to find beautiful Colombian women to date. Don’t do that. It’s likely you’ll get yourself a one-night stand but it’s not a way to choose a wife. The best option is to start a conversation with a Colombian beauty long before your visit to the country, on one of the dating sites.

After you meet her, make sure she’s interested in you and not in the gifts you give her. Don’t give Colombian women expensive gifts right off the bat. If you feel serious about her, ask her to introduce you to her family. Spend some time together to learn more about her interests and aspirations.

Interviewer: — Do you know anyone who has used a Mail Order Bride service? What were the results?

Interviewee: — Yes, I do. This is exactly why I decided to try this myself. A few years ago, a good friend of mine found a Colombian girl for marriage through one of the mail order bride sites. They spent a year talking to each other online after which they decided to meet in person. He was completely smitten by this beautiful woman who was genuinely interested in him. Now they are a happily married couple with two kids.

Editor’s Notes

The interview above is quite self-explanatory but I’d like to add a few words. The mail order bride scene has been active for years and there’s a good reason for that. Men are eager to find and marry Colombian women who they think still believe in family values. There’s a tendency in the Western world where women prefer to pursue careers rather than family life. They show less interest in marrying and having children.

At the same time, women in developing countries are often raised in a patriarchal society and still have traditional family values. Men generally see them as more caring, affectionate, and better mothers for their future children. Compared to the prospect of having such a spouse, the cost of dating and marrying a foreign woman isn’t that high.

That being said, it’s always important to make sure that you choose the right person. The usefulness of online dating in this case can’t be overestimated. It lets you get to know your potential Colombian bride better and see if you have much in common before you meet Colombian brides in person. Make good use of this opportunity to pick the best woman for you!


How to Find Colombian Women: The Ultimate Guide

Colombian women looking for marriage are exactly how you would imagine them to be. If we had to describe them, we’d do it in three words: feminine, sexy, and outgoing. Dating Colombian women is an unforgettable experience. Marrying a Colombian woman might make you a happy man for the rest of your life.

But first, you have to know how to find them. More importantly, you have to know how to find the right one that won’t just waste your time. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

How Much Does It Cost to Find a Colombian Woman?

To understand how much it costs to find a Colombian bride, you have to get an idea of what your expenses might include. Normally, the things you’ll have to pay for are:

Online Dating

If you choose a reputable dating website with a history of successful matches and success stories, it shouldn’t cost too much. On average, the whole online dating experience will cost around $50-$80 and not more than $100 a month.


If you are a US citizen, a trip to Colombia can be quite inexpensive for you with return airline tickets costing around $200. If you are traveling from Europe, it might be a little more expensive but still affordable, about $500-$700.


A room in a hotel or hostel for one person will cost around $33 per day on average. Double that price if you are thinking of getting a double occupancy room.


  • Attending shows or visiting a museum will be around $28 per person per day
  • A night in a bar/a nightclub might cost you around $50
  • For daily taxi rides, you’ll have to pay around $18


The price of gifts completely depends on your budget and your Colombian beauties for marriage. We strongly recommend not to go overboard and spend too much on gifts if you are only starting to date a Colombian lady. $30 a day should be enough.

Last but not least, remember that you’ll also have to spend money on food, water, and intercity transportation (if you plan to travel within the country).


How to Avoid Colombian Brides Scams

It’s no secret that the international dating scene has been an attractive target for all kinds of scammers. This is why you always have to be careful and take some precautions. Here are a few tips on how to avoid scammers:

  • Use only reputable dating services. These usually have many positive reviews and some success stories you can find online. Pay attention to the quality of profiles. If the dating site you’ve come across doesn’t give you an opportunity to arrange video calls with Colombian girls for marriage, stay away from it.
  • Don’t send or give your Colombian lady expensive gifts if your relationship is only starting. You don’t want to give her the impression you are a walking wallet. Small but meaningful gifts will be greatly appreciated by a genuinely interested woman.
  • Don’t send any Colombian women money during online dating. Even if it’s just a small amount. A woman who has serious intentions will never ask you for money.

Top 3 Reasons to Date Colombian Women for Marriage

So what’s so special about Colombian brides that will make you go to great lengths to meet Colombian women, date them and hopefully marry them? There are numerous reasons for that but here are the three main ones.

Colombian Brides Are Feminine

These beautiful Colombian ladies for marriage definitely know how to take care of their men. There’s a certain duality about them you’ll notice when you’ve spent some time in Colombia. They enjoy being around masculine men but at the same time, they like to be as feminine and girly as possible. If they like you, they’ll dress seductively and put on sexy makeup to make you feel like a true man.

This also means that they know how to be submissive to their men. That is, unfortunately, something that has been lacking in the Western world, especially in the United States. And it’s one of the main reasons why many Western men go to Colombia to date and marry Colombian women.

Colombian Women Are Traditional

Apart from being incredibly feminine, these beautiful Colombian brides for marriage are also very traditional. In fact, you could say they are conservative. Although the latter really depends on what part of the country we are talking about.

So, if you are thinking about getting involved in a relationship with a woman from Colombia, then expect everything that is true of a very traditional relationship. And that means that Colombia wives take care of the house, cook, and clean. She supports you emotionally, but she expects you to go out and conquer the world, so to speak. So you can earn money, you can feed the family. You can put bread on the table. Old school thinking and that’s very prevalent in Colombia.

Colombian Brides Are Passionate

They are full of energy and you can feel it as soon as you meet Colombian women for marriage. This is what makes dating them so unforgettable. A Colombian woman for marriage can give you as much passion as you need and then some. And it’s not just about intimacy: when they love something, they get extremely passionate about it. So be prepared for a very high-energy relationship.

Colombian girlfriends are really amazing. They are feminine and sexy, they know how to dance and party. But on the other hand, they also know how to take care of their loved ones. They are also amazing cooks.

They can also be quirky (at least in the early stages of dating) and extremely cunning later on because they know what they want (as most women do).

But there is absolutely no doubt that Colombian women are among the most desirable women in the world, not just in their own country. You’ll never regret your decision to find a bride in Colombia.