David Douglas School Board: Demand the resignation of Bryce Anderson from the David Douglas School Board

After 39 people testified in support of the inclusion resolution, it passed 4 to 3. However, one of the three no-voting board members, Bryce Anderson, made bigoted comments characterizing undocumented immigrants as murderers. This is unacceptable. Someone who is not committed to protecting all students has no place on the school board. Demand Bryce Anderson’s immediate resignation and the board’s formal denouncement of his comment. A formal AC-AR discrimination complaint has been filed – show your support and your outrage by signing this petition and showing up at the next board meeting, April 13th @ 7pm in the David Douglas High School conference room 1500 SE 130th ave Portland, Oregon 97233. Links to Bryce Anderson’s anti-immigrant comment and full audio from the Inclusion Resolution vote at the David Douglas School Board meeting 3.9.2017: Clip of Bryce Anderson’s statement with transcript Full Audio Demand Bryce Anderson’s immediate resignation and the board’s formal denouncement… Full Post from our Facebook Page

A Local Waxing Salon Is Raising Funds to Help Transgender Portlanders

“Body hair removal can also help transwomen avoid harassment and discrimination. “Trans women and trans-feminine people are murdered just for existing, and many struggle with suicide on top of employment and housing discrimination,” Ambrose explains. “Body hair removal can literally be life saving.” “If the government will not protect or support marginalized and oppressed peoples, communities need to show up,” says Ambrose. “Knowing that the funds are mostly created by [Portlanders], trans people can not only receive the benefits of waxing, but the knowledge that their city supports them. It is terrifying times, and these small gestures can make a big difference.”” Babe Wax’s WaxFund program provides gender-affirming waxing services to low-income transwomen and trans-feminine folks. Full Post from our Facebook Page

Doodle: Canvass for Hazelnut Grove

From some activists who help support Hazelnut Grove: There is a need for supporting Hazelnut Grove Via Canvassing. We were discussing with the Mayor’s office about securing a land use agreement with the city for Hazelnut Groves space. Unfortunately there are some NIMBYs in the Overlook neighborhood association that are trying to block this, and are threatening to sue the city if they let Hazelnut Grove stay. The mayor is coming to the next Overlook NA meeting on the 21st. I would like to have a least two days of canvassing this week, with each of us paired with a member of the village coalition or a resident of Hazelnut Grove, and start going through neighborhoods and canvassing on behalf of HG. If you’re interested in helping us keep Hazelnut Grove Safe, please fill out this doodle poll and leave a comment of “done” so we can get you in touch with organizers. Doodle radically simplifies the process of scheduling events, meetings, appointments, etc. Herding cats gets 2x faster with Doodle. For free! Full Post from our Facebook Page